"The Entrance" - 36"x36" - acrylic on paper


"Nadador Olímpico" - "Olympic Swimmer"





"Olivia" 5'x8' 

2017 -  "Faith"  One Man. One Artist. One Show.


"Ultima Thule" #3  - 60"x47" - mixed media 

"Exit Ladder"- 15ft.x15ft. - mixmed on 3/4" panel  

"Prix Pour la Croissance " "Room For Growth" 

  mixed media - 4' x 36" - 121.92 x 91.44 cm

"Floral Gold Rush" - 4'x30" - mixed media 


September 9th, 2016 - Catholic Charities annual "GALA of THE ARTS."    

Dome Room, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL. 

"Crystalline" - 36"x36" - acrylic on treated paper 

"Windy" - 32"x64" - mixmed 


At the close of this evening's event, one remaining painting sold to Mr. KIRK's UBER Driver

 Thiele Collection: "I Do"  -  4'x36" - mixmed.  Sold at auction.

"Storm Swimmer" - 60"x30" - mixed media 



    "Seven Trees" - 36"x36" - acrylic on paper

"Westergaarden" - 42"x42" - mixed media

  Private collection

"Chicago Gold Coast Artist, JasperKIRK, Fights Guinness for 'Most Paintings' World Record."

April 2015, FOX NEWS Features JasperKIRK 

2016, June.  First Place. JasperKIRK / Momma's International Art Exhibition.

Jerry Saltz, NY Magazine and Smithsonian Institute jury JasperKIRK's "Shimmer Green"

into "Art For Life" Chicago. 3/22/17.  

UAE engineer Youssef Almasi emails Jasper.  "Jasper, I came upon your website.  Very impressive!  I did the mathematics.  Your paintings edge-to-edge vertically are more than 

1.5 x's taller than the Burj Khalifa and in 2020 taller than Jeddah Tower.  This is not only a significant feat, it is significant of mention."