"Miyako Odori" "Performing Geisha"  

 42"x24" - mixed media 


"Trellis" - 6'x4' - acrylic on c/b

Untitled - 50"x36" - acrylic on c/b

In the entertainment industry for thirty years, JasperKIRK was injured 

October 14th, 2003 on a film set.  

The accident cost Jasper the ability to continue work

as well losing his entire social network.

The following 13 years Jasper

suffered from severe depression.

One day a friend's bottle of acrylic paint fell on Jasper's bare toe.

The next day, "JAz" bought 16 pints of paint.  

"Painting saved my life. Art Therapy at its finest!"

"JasperKIRK's works are as textured as is his person."  Wissel Ruski


  "RUM & COCONUT" - 45x42" - acrylic, mixmed on c/b

 "Boven de Familie"  50"x35" .  127 x 63.5 cm

  Bakkum collection. 



         "Ballet" - 68"x34"- 172.72 x 86.36 cm  - acrylic, pen & ink on paper

           Mori collection

"Weeds And Flowers" - 36'X36" - acrylic on paper        

"Blue-Greens Pool" - 63"x57"- mixed media 

"Going Deeper" - 36"x36"

27"x16.5" - mixed media

"Red Canyon" - 36"x36" - mixed media 


"Climate Of Gold" - 30"x30" -  acrylic on canvas  

"Woman In Red ~Rose Dress    Sharing 





"Springtime Reflection" 36"x36"  91.44 x 91.44 cm  mix`med - 1st Place  Momma International 2016

42"x42" - "Prince Siddhartha, Kapilavastu" Donation 

        "And, Therein Hides The Rabbit" - 36"x36" 


"1/20/17" - 30"x30" - mixed media

    "Cheval Hystérique" - 94cmx94cm. acrylique/toile 

     "Hysterical Horse"   - 37"x37" - acrylic / canvas 

45"x22" - mixed media ​

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