36"x36" - 91.44 x 91.44 cm.

 Mixed media 

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"Challenge 1,200."


"Aurelian"  36"x36" - mixed media

"Rose Falling" - 45"x45" - acrylic, mixed media on canvas 

Typical for the first 1,500 paintings. 

"CALOR" - "HEAT"  36"x36" - mixed media


"Refraction. Soap Suds" - 36"x36" mixed media 

Studio / Chicago 

Slides may take a moment to buffer.

       "Melting Ice Upon The Sea " - 36"x36" - mixed media


       "Hidden Gate" - 5'x4' - mixed media 




"She Will Always Be" - 10ft.x7ft. - acrylic/mixmed on scrubbed canvas

Aucune diapositive est un duplicata de dessus

No slide is a duplicate from above

No slide es unduplicado de lo alto 

No slide 'e un duplicato dall`alto  

Twenty-five SOLD