Several works are in La Boutique Nouvelle.  

Camille Dedieu the owner shown here in photo

  "Celadon Horse" - 42"x36" - mixmed

JasperKIRK Originals

"Ocean Meets Desert" - 8ft.x4ft. - acrylic on panel

Donley Collection - 45"x45" . 114.3x114.3 cm - mixed media on canvas 

"The Morning After" - 42" x 36" - acrylic on panel

At the end of 2020, A television production company was documenting small unheard of villages in France. They went to the Mayor of Abzac/Abstract. They asked the Mayor, "How would you like to represent your village." I'd given the Mayor my card when I'd first arrived.  He said, "Interview the cheese makers, the previous Mayor of long ago, as well, the matriarch of the village, Nicole, and the American artist, JasperKIRK." One day I was painting and the host, Francois Bombard called.  Two days later a film crew came and shot a segment.  




UPDATE: Fall of 2018, for fun I was looking for a home in the south of France for friends who wanted to retire there. After looking for a week, I found a home, not for them, but for me.  This home actually found me.  Due to visas, I was back and forth to France from the U.S.       In 2020, I had to leave France so I went to Eastbourne, England, and Cyprus, Greece, for 3 months. When I returned back to France for 3 months, due to Covid-19, I remained in France for 2 years. After 2 years I realized that France is home. Most people ask, "Do you speak French?" No, I don't.  I live in the very small village of Abzac. Since I'm an abstract painter, I have named our village "Abstract" and it caught on. Most my friends in the village of Abstract are English and Irish. And, American Marc across from the old bridge. Travel is wonderful.  It's seriously trying at times. But, that's the adventure of travel!  The first year I was in France, I had a fire which destroyed my kitchen.  Due to my visa I had to leave a week later.  My French neighbor Gérard, supported by my other neighbor's became my general contractor(s), and when I returned after 8 months due to shoulder surgery in the US, my kitchen was totally rebuilt.  What I learned from the get-go.  For example: My neighbor, Gérard, helped me with my lawnmower.  As Americans', we've learned to give a gift of wine, or other, to say "Thanks."  This, in fact, is a rude gesture.  What I learned from Gérard is, in France, "I do for you - you do for me." This has been an unmistakable experience.  I say, "Sometimes you don't get what you wish for."  My friends said, "You stole our dream!" The only thing I could say was, "Au revoir!"   Experiences happen to me which I call accidental.  Like becoming the Accidental Painter.  My French friend, Nicole said, not "Accidental" but by "Chance." I like that too, especially in her accent! 

Robert's  Collection - "Shards" - 4'x3' - mixed media

"Windy At Home"





Miami 2016



Kostich Collection    "Asian Gates" - 35"x35" - mixed 

En France - 2021 Exposition d'Art Installation Journées du  Patrimoine 

"West Reds" - 36"x36" - acrylic on paper

"Step x Step" 

"Step x Step" - 36"x36" mixmed

Title #1. "The Silent Ambiguous" - 93"x30" 

Title #2. "Matter of First Impression" - acrylic.mixmed.panel

"Blind Abyss" - 5ft.x4ft.- acrylic.canvas

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"Entwined" - 36"x36" - acrylic. paper

"Calming" - 30"x18" - acrylic.canvas"


             Over 3,000 works

"Fate" - 36x36" - acrylic.paper

 JasperKIRK started painting accidentally after a ten-year severe depression and/or gestation period.

 "I never thought about painting until July 4th, 2014.  It's odd how things surface when least expected."

"The only certainty I have about art:

Others' art which I like, 

material(s) are expensive and to

recognize when what I'm painting is finished."


All images intentionally Blurred ​

         "Star Flash" - 36"x36" - acrylic on paper


      "Women on the Move" - 36"x36" - mixmed.paper

"Off With Her Own Head" 


"Starless Evening" - 36"x36" - acrylic/paper 

Auction Block, March 22, 2017 - "Shimmer Green"

Juror's: Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York Magazine, Smithsonian Institute Exhibit Designer, Richard Bentham, Tony Karmen President/Director/EXPO CHICAGO, Derek Roberts, Design Manager Smithsonian Institute, Jessica Hopkins, Chief Curator, Museum of New Art, Josh Reich, Street Art News, Director Museum of New Art, Jef Bourgeau, Catherine De Orio, Host: WTTW 11 "Check. Please."  

J a s p e r K I R K   

"Cherry In The Middle" - 36x36" - acrylic. Canvas

​"Lavender Sky" - 36"x36" - acrylic on paper